Holiday Program

Intensive School Holiday Programs: Please contact us to find out when we will be running our programs.

Kindy Kapers Group

Grace Occupational Therapy - Kindy Kaper

This is a school readiness group for children commencing formal school next year. The groups are run during the school holidays in preparation for the new school year.

Activities include learning to write their name, learning and recognising the alphabet, counting skills, cutting skills, puzzle work, drawing shapes, developing their pencil grip, lunchbox orientation, social skills such as, turn taking & group participation.

Write-On Group

Grace Occupational Therapy - Write On

This is a program for students in Year 1 to Year 3 who are struggling with forming their letters and numbers correctly. The focus of the group is to develop and enhance handwriting skills. Activities will target their written expression skills, optimum posture for writing, pencil grip, spacing, handwriting legibility and speed, correct formation and direction, bookwork and classroom organisational skills.

Chatterbox Group

Grace Occupational Therapy - Chatterbox

This program is designed to enhance and encourage participation and engagement in social activities and develop self esteem in young children. Our program is open to children commencing Kindy or Year 1 in that may have difficulty with engaging in group activities. Activities address; conversational & listening skills, expressing emotions appropriately, establishing and maintaining friendships.

Contact Grace Occupational Therapy to enquire and register for the groups.