Grace Occupational Therapy - Preschool & School Readiness Program
Preschool & School Readiness Program

Early Learning/ School Preparation or School readiness involves engaging children in activities in ensure a child develops the appropriate skills required to aid optimal learning when they start school.

Grace Occupational Therapy - SAS Program
Secret Agent Society (social skills training for 8-12 year olds)

The program has been recently adapted and evidence has shown it to be effective to help children across a range of learning problems and disabilities. We also offer this program to children with general social skills difficulties including children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Grace Occupational Therapy - Get Sensory Savvy
Get Sensory Savvy – Parent & Teacher Education Programs

The Get Sensory Savvy Programs are designed to provide a thorough understanding of sensory processing disorder, how it impacts on functional performance and to empower parents and teachers to manage sensory difficulties in the home, community and classroom.

Grace Occupational Therapy - Astronaut Program
Astronaut Program

The Astronaut Program treats vestibular dysfunction in children by using a combination of movement, sight and sound activities that are fun and appealing to children. Our therapists have been trained in this program and incorporate Astronaut principles into therapy to aid in improving movement, attention, concentration, balance and focus.

Grace Occupational Therapy - School Holidays Programs

School Holidays Programs

We run intensive school holiday programs focusses on school readiness, handwriting skills, social engagement and interactions. Contact us to find out more.

Grace Occupational Therapy - Sensory Processing Disorder Intervention
Sensory Processing Disorder Intervention

Grace Occupational Therapy have a number Sensory focussed intervention strategies which includes helping parents to understand and develop Sensory Diets that work, The Listening Program & Therabrushing Technique.

Grace Occupational Therapy - Spell It Program

Spell-It Program

Spell-It is a flexible spelling program* Designed for upper primary and secondary students, Spell-It teaches the rules, conventions, structure and logic of the English language.

Grace Occupational Therapy - MultiLit Reading Tutor Program

MultiLit – Reading Tutor Program

The Reading Tutor Program caters for students who have not acquired the basic skills needed to become functional readers.The program incorporates all three key features: word attack skills, sight words and reinforced reading.