Funding OT

NDIS funding plans

Grace Children’s Therapy are an accredited NDIS Service Provider. As a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) we support children and adolescents living with a permanent disability to achieve their goals.

Our practice manager will provide you with a Service Agreement and Schedule of Support as per our obligation under the NDIS initiative. Documentation will need to be completed prior to commencement of services and our practice manager will help navigate through the process should you require assistance.

At Grace Children’s Therapy, we strive to always be transparent and conduct ourselves professionally and ethically therefore, should you have any questions regarding our services or obligations under NDIS as a provider, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Preparing for NDIS services


As providers we are obligated to ensure transparency across our service and to communicate how we work as a practice and as a team. All NDIS clients will be sent a Service Level Agreement and Schedule of Support which is required before commencing services, including conducting Initial Needs Occupational Therapy Assessments. Service Level Agreements and Schedules of Support are sent to all NDIS Participants that are Self-Managed, NDIS agency/portal managed and Planner managed. We ask that these are returned prior to commencement of services.

Goal Setting

Being able to discuss what’s important for you and your child and working through what’s been working and what’s not working so well is a great place to start. Grace Children’s Therapy are focused on working towards achieving functional goals, so thinking about tasks and activities you need assistance with across the day and what is a priority to you can help you during your goal setting session with your therapist to ensure we are working on functional goals that are important to you and your child. Communication with your therapist is key to a successful therapeutic relationship.

Planning Meetings

Therapy services may need to change over time as goals change, keep communicating with your treating therapist should you need to amend goals or if there is a significant milestone that needs to be prioritised such as; starting school or starting high school. The type and timeframe of therapy blocks and intervention varies and can be dependent on the goal. The way therapy is delivered can also vary based on the goal you are trying to achieve which is why Grace Children’s Therapy offers a range of programs and structure to therapy services. Some goals require blocks of therapy, some may require a coaching and education or consultative approach. We encourage parents and carers to periodically book a planning meeting, particularly if there are any significant changes to ensure everyone is moving in the right direction.

Medicare and Private Health Rebates

Grace Children’s Therapy clinicians are registered with Medicare and all major private health funds. There are a number of Medicare schemes you may be eligible to obtain a partial rebate for your occupational therapy services when services are performed by an AHPRA registered occupational therapist.

  • Please note, Medicare schemes are required to be activated by your GP or
  • Paediatrician and is provided at the discretion of your treating doctor.
  • Grace Children’s Therapy will provide you with your invoice and receipt on the day of service for you to process your claim through Medicare or Private Health fund.
  • Initial occupational therapy assessments and reports are not claimable through
  • Medicare or Private Health Funds.
  • Sessions delivered by Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTA or AHA) are not claimable through Medicare or Private Health Funds.
  • All Medicare plan documentation must be provided prior to commencement of therapy.

Rebate Arrangements: Medicare

  • Enhanced Primary Care Scheme (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) – eligibility of up to 5 occupational therapy visits per year,
  • Mental Health Care Plan (Better Access to Mental Health)
    Under a Mental Health Plan you may receive partial reimbursement for up to 10 visits per year. Children with mental health difficulties including behavioural or social problems may be eligible for the partial rebate under this plan, however this is at the discretion of your treating doctor.
  • Medicare Autism and Better Start Plan: This plan needs to be activated by a Paediatrician or psychiatrist. Children with Autism or PDD, or one of the approved Better Start disabilities may be eligible to receive partial reimbursement for up to 20 occupational therapy sessions in total. Please note 20 sessions are for the lifetime of the activated plan and have an expiry. Eligibility criteria applies and is provided at the discretion of your treating doctor.