Sensory Processing Disorder Intervention

Children with sensory processing disorders (SPD) or developmental and learning disorders often have difficulty participating in their typical daily activities and may not achieve their fullest functional capacity. Children with SPD experience their world as either hypersensitive or hyposensitive and may react with strong emotional behaviours and experience what is often described as a “meltdown”. When there is sensory dysfunction, sensory information can be disorganised and makes it difficult to make sense of the environment. These difficulties have secondary behavioural, social-emotional difficulties, developmental delays and impact on academic performance. Grace Occupational Therapy host a series of Get Sensory Savvy Parent and Teacher Education workshops aimed to supporting early educators and families and providing education around managing children with Sensory Processing Disorders. Effective intervention for SPD is available, understanding the disorder and how to manage it is the key and can help improve the quality of life for the children and families.

Grace Occupational Therapy have a number Sensory focussed intervention strategies which includes helping parents to understand and develop Sensory Diets that work, The Listening Program & Therabrushing Technique.

Auditory Processing Strategies

Programs that focus on auditory processing can help children that are sometimes referred to as “out of sync”. Children with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, autism, learning or memory programs can sometimes benefit from a “listening” program or strategies and equipment that can dull down sounds or change the way the sounds around us are transferred.

Sound is everywhere, it is as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Yet, many children become distressed or uncomfortable with sounds in their home, school and community. Negative sound exposure can impact on sleep, attention, learning, concentration and communication.

Therapeutic Sensory Tools

Grace Children’s Therapy uses a number therapeutic sensory tools to help engage and regulate your child. We often need to use our detective skills to work out which tools and strategies works best for the achieve your child’s functional goals. Our therapist use sensory based strategies in combination with a play-based approach and meaningful activity to help progress your child.

Some of the tools and strategies we use include;

  • Astronaut Program
  • Social Thinking Curriculum
  • Alert Program for Self Regulation
  • Zones of Regulation
  • Auditory processing tools & equipment including the Soundsory Program
  • Oral-motor tools & equipment
  • Various transactional supports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we registered with NDIS?

Grace Children’s Therapy have been registered providers since its inception in the Sydney region and approved as Registered Providers under the following registration groups.

  • Early childhood
  • Community Participation
  • Exercise Physiology & Personal Training
  • Therapeutic Supports

Do we offer community and home visits?

Yes, Grace Children’s Therapy extends its services across various settings, including preschools, schools, homes, and the local community. Additionally, we operate a dedicated Community Action Program, which focuses on conducting community-based visits to assist young children and teenagers in achieving their goals within home or community environments.

Do you offer Telehealth Services?

Yes, we do offer Telehealth Services. Our Telehealth platforms enables us to provide online occupational therapy and feeding therapy sessions, ensuring continued support and care for our clients remotely or during times where you may not be able to attend your session in the centre. This option allows for flexibility and accessibility to services ensuring that our services are accessible to individuals in various locations and may live remotely.

Are we open during school holidays?

Yes, it’s business as usual at Grace Children’s Therapy. All therapy sessions continue through the school holidays with the exception of our Christmas and New Year shutdown period which is normally communicated well ahead of time.