Get Sensory Savvy

Grace Children’s Therapy provides specialised education programs to key people being carers and educators. The Get Sensory Savvy Programs are designed to provide a thorough understanding of sensory processing disorder, how it impacts on functional performance and to empower parents and teachers to manage sensory difficulties in the home, community and classroom.


Our Get Sensory Savvy Parent Education Program is designed to help parents understand more about their child’s sensory vulnerabilities and provide strategies to help manage them. Every family’s circumstances are unique so it’s important for parents to understand how they can implement the strategies that will work for their child and the dynamics of their family. The program targets understanding sensory processing disorders and how it can disrupt functional performance and participation at home, pre/school and the community. We provide practical intervention strategies that every family will be able to implement at home with the view of helping parents understand their child, why they behaviour as they do sometimes and empower parents to be able to successfully manage behaviours.

You can now also purchase Get Sensory Savvy as an online course including workbook and videos presented by our sensory therapist. Click here to see it in our shop!


Our Get Sensory Savvy Workshops are designed to help early learning educators understand more about sensory vulnerabilities and provides strategies to help manage them and support families in the preschool & school environment. It’s the perfect place to ask all those burning questions and to identify and apply strategies in the education environment. This workshop is essential for educators working with children with Autism, sensory processing disorder, behavioural, concentration problems and other disabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we registered with NDIS?

Grace Children’s Therapy have been registered providers since its inception in the Sydney region and approved as Registered Providers under the following registration groups.

  • Early childhood
  • Community Participation
  • Exercise Physiology & Personal Training
  • Therapeutic Supports

Do we offer community and home visits?

Yes, Grace Children’s Therapy extends its services across various settings, including preschools, schools, homes, and the local community. Additionally, we operate a dedicated Community Action Program, which focuses on conducting community-based visits to assist young children and teenagers in achieving their goals within home or community environments.

Do you offer Telehealth Services?

Yes, we do offer Telehealth Services. Our Telehealth platforms enables us to provide online occupational therapy and feeding therapy sessions, ensuring continued support and care for our clients remotely or during times where you may not be able to attend your session in the centre. This option allows for flexibility and accessibility to services ensuring that our services are accessible to individuals in various locations and may live remotely.

Are we open during school holidays?

Yes, it’s business as usual at Grace Children’s Therapy. All therapy sessions continue through the school holidays with the exception of our Christmas and New Year shutdown period which is normally communicated well ahead of time.