Equipment Prescription

Assistive technology is a term that is commonly used for equipment and therapy aids aimed at improving functional performance and providing clients with support to reach their goals. Equipment is often customised and individual to the client needs and requires occupational therapy assessment to identify the most appropriate equipment options.

Types of assistive technology (AT)

  • Bikes and trikes (may have additional supports and carer assisted)
  • Running Frames
  • Walkers, highchairs and strollers
  • Paediatric tables and chairs (with supports)
  • Seating and positioning supports
  • Harnesses
  • Standard visual aids for improved functional performance
  • Modified computer aids
  • Adaptive technology to support self-care, bathing and feeding

In many circumstance equipment prescription is generally required for an AT Application for NDIS participants and evaluation is part of the process to obtain clinical justification and provision under the NDIS scheme. Often part of this process includes equipment trials and obtaining quotes from suppliers. If you have an equipment need identified, Grace Children’s Therapy can assist with facilitating this process and completing the AT Application report.

The basic process includes the following however, more complex items may require additional evaluation and clinical justification.

  • Assessment and evaluation of the client needs
  • Research appropriate equipment options
  • Liaison with suppliers to arrange equipment trials and quotes
  • Completion of the AT Application report

Should you have equipment needs, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we registered with NDIS?

Grace Children’s Therapy have been registered providers since its inception in the Sydney region and approved as Registered Providers under the following registration groups.

  • Early childhood
  • Community Participation
  • Exercise Physiology & Personal Training
  • Therapeutic Supports

Do we offer community and home visits?

Yes, Grace Children’s Therapy extends its services across various settings, including preschools, schools, homes, and the local community. Additionally, we operate a dedicated Community Action Program, which focuses on conducting community-based visits to assist young children and teenagers in achieving their goals within home or community environments.

Do you offer Telehealth Services?

Yes, we do offer Telehealth Services. Our Telehealth platforms enables us to provide online occupational therapy and feeding therapy sessions, ensuring continued support and care for our clients remotely or during times where you may not be able to attend your session in the centre. This option allows for flexibility and accessibility to services ensuring that our services are accessible to individuals in various locations and may live remotely.

Are we open during school holidays?

Yes, it’s business as usual at Grace Children’s Therapy. All therapy sessions continue through the school holidays with the exception of our Christmas and New Year shutdown period which is normally communicated well ahead of time.