Why Grace Children’s Therapy

Our Vision Statement

We work to achieve functional goals with children through practical, innovative, evidence-based therapy, whilst fostering a fun & engaging environment. We believe in the precious value of children & the significant role that we play in the most important years of their life.

Grace Occupational Therapy - Why Grace OT

Grace Occupational Therapy endeavours to be at the forefront of research and development.

All therapists participate in ongoing professional development and focus on providing evidence based intervention.

  • We provide individual therapy with the child to address his/her specific goals and tailor a therapy plan that will provide the most effective outcome.
  • We work in consultation with parents, teachers, schools, teacher-aids, child-care centre/pre-schools and other allied health professionals to ensure therapy transitions across all environments.
  • We provide home visits and school visits where needed to implement plans and strategies with the home and school environment.
  • We locate and source funding avenues where possible and provide information to parents about funding options.
  • For children on Medicare plans, we provide treating doctors with Medicare progress reports as part of the therapy service.
  • We listen to teachers, parents and children and seek to understand their needs and offer our families a personalised service
  • We actively encourage parents and teachers to partner with us in every aspect of therapy
  • We promote inclusion and aim to enable children to participate in the various aspects of their life roles
  • We cater for the educational needs of the child and helping children to achieve their academic goals
  • Each session is individually prepared for your child because we recognise that each child is unique and learns in their own way
  • Our philosophy is “Children First & Foremost”. We put the child at the centre of everything we do and encourage open and supportive relationships with our families based on respect, communication and shared goals

Professional excellence is the standard of practice:

  • Giving our Best and Professional Excellence
  • Respond with purpose and meaningful activity
  • Achieving more together
  • Creating a sense of belonging
  • Empowering the team & community to achieve positive outcomes.