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SOS Approach Feeding

The Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding difficulties - Solutions for Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders.

Get Sensory Savvy

Sensory Processing Disorder Education Programs for parents and educators

The Secret Agent Society

Social skills training for Children with Autism and ADHD aged 8 -12 years old.


Grace Children’s Therapy is a professional service providing innovative and practical therapy for children that have a disability or learning difficulty.


We provide assessment and treatment for children with various disabilities and learning problems including; Autism, ADHD (ADD) Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delays, PDD, Fragile X Syndrome, Down Syndrome.

Get Sensory Savvy: An Online Video and Workbook program by our sensory therapist for your child's sensory needs


Our therapy plans are individually designed to suit your child’s therapy needs. We incorporate a sensory-motor approach to therapy, providing your child with a goal-oriented therapy session. Each session is prepared individually for your child because we recognise that each child has specific needs and learns differently.


Our 12-week feeding program follows the evidence based SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach to feeding. This interactive program is designed for your child to reach a range of possible feeding goals. Goals are individual and include things like improved table posture, reduced food anxiety, sensory resilience building and/or self-feeding. The program works towards increasing dietary repertoire and confidence around new foods through a family centered care program.

We assist children that have problems with:

    • concentrating
    • handwriting
    • fine motor skills
    • sensory processing disorders
    • gross motor skills
    • self-feeding skills
    • anxiety with school work
    • visual perception/processing
    • behavioural or social problems
    • body and emotional regulation
    • disability and learning disorders
    • anxiety with new foods

Getting Started with Grace Children’s Therapy

Grace Occupational Therapy - Why Grace OT

Why Grace Children’s Therapy

We provide an individual therapy plan tailored for each child. We work in consultation with parents, teachers, schools, teacher-aids, child-care centres/pre-schools and other allied health professionals to ensure therapy transitions across all environments.

Grace Occupational Therapy - Autism & Learning

Autism & Learning

The Scerts framework guides our practice to ensure we are providing families with a functional and purposeful approach to therapy. Our therapists take a functional and social-emotional approach to therapy to maximise your child’s functional abilities, including their ability to communicate and regulate their emotional state.

Grace Occupational Therapy - Programs


At Grace Children’s Therapy  we believe in providing quality intervention plans which includes direct therapy to children as well as parent, teacher and allied health education programs targeted towards improving outcomes & achieving positive long-term functional goals. Click here to view our range of programs.