Funding and Rebates

Medicare and Private Health Rebates

Grace Occupational Therapy is registered with Medicare and all major private health funds. There are a number of Medicare schemes you may be eligible to obtain a partial rebate for your occupational therapy services.

Please note, Medicare schemes are required to be activated by your GP or Paediatrician.

For your convenience – On the spot claims for eligible Medicare and Private Health rebates
Grace Occupational Therapy has the facility available for you to claim your Medicare and private health fund rebates immediately after payment using the HICAPS and Medicare EasyClaim system.


Avoid the queues at Medicare, Grace Occupational Therapy can process your claim on spot at the time of your childs’ therapy session.

Rebate Arrangements: Medicare

Enhanced Primary Care Scheme (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP)
Under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan, you may receive a partial rebate for up to 5 occuaptional therapy visits per calendar year.

Mental Health Care Plan (Better Access to Mental Health)
Under a Mental Health Plan you may receive partial reimbursement for up to 10 visits per calendar year. Children with mental health difficulties including behavioural or social problems may be eligible for the partial rebate under this plan.

Social skills and behavioural groups also receive a rebate under the Mental Health Care Plan.

Medicare Rebate: Autism and Better Start

This plan needs to be activated by a Paediatrician or psychiatrist. Children with Autism, Aspergers or PDD, or one of the approved Better Start disabilities may be eligible to receive partial reimbursement for up to 20 occupational therapy sessions in total.

Please contact us directly to discuss Medicare plans as eligibility is not automatic.

Fahcsia & NDIS Funding Programs :

Grace Children’s Therapy are fully funded service providers for the following Government Initiatives:

Helping Children with Autism (ASD) & Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)

Better Access for Children with a Disability Initiative

NDIS Funding:   Please contact us should you require assistance with understanding the NDIS process and our obligations as service providers. 

Grace Children’s Therapy are an accredited NDIS Service Provider. Our practice manager will provide you with a Service Agreement and Schedule of Support as per our obligation under the NDIS initiative. Documentation will need to be completed prior to commencement of services and our practice manager will help navigate through the process should you require assistance.

At Grace Children’s Therapy we strive to always be transparent and conduct ourselves professionally and ethically therefore, should you have any questions regarding our services or obligations under NDIS as a provider, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our services and fees.