Autism & Learning Disabilities

Scerts is the innovative approach that offers a practical framework for developing specific goals and intervention programming. The Scerts framework guides our practice to ensure we are providing families with a functional and purposeful approach to therapy. Scerts focuses on Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports.

The Scerts Model respects and recognises individual differences across a range of ages and developmental abilities based on the understanding a child’s strength and needs.

It directly addresses the core challenges faced by children with ASD and other learning disabilities. Progress is measured in everyday functional activities; our therapy approach recognises the absolute necessity for supporting communication and socio-emotional development in everyday activities and routines.

Our therapists take a functional and social-emotional approach to therapy to maximise your child’s functional abilities, including their ability to communicate and regulate their emotional state.

As part of the therapy plan we address any concerns related to sensory processing within a functional context and offer families a number of innovative therapy strategies to help meet their child’s sensory needs. Our therapists are specialists in addressing sensory processing disorder and behaviours related to sensory vulnerabilities.