The Brain that Changes

Grace Occupational Therapy - The Brain that Changes

Research has showen that intensive neuroscience based programs can help children make rapid progress in language, listening, working memory (retaining and recalling information), information processing, comprehension and reading.

MEMORY improves the ability to retain information both short and long term. This is essential for work recognition, comprehension of complex sentences, and remembering instruction.

ATTENTION enhances the ability to focus on tasks and ignore distractions.

PROCESSING allows you to see, analyse and discriminate images and sounds quickly enough to discriminate their differences; a prerequisite for phonemic awareness and reading. Provides the ability to switch quickly between tasks and complete activities in a simultaneous manner.

SEQUENCING this is a cognitive skill that relies on memory, attention and processing and is essential for phonics, word fluency, reading and oral comprehension. Sequencing places information in a logical order which in turn allows for improved memory, attention and processing.