Reading Tutor Format

The program is delivered during the school term in partnership with parents. The Reading Tutors conduct one-to-one sessions with students at their school twice per week over two terms. As part of the program the Reading Tutors will than provide parents with instruction on implementing two 30 minute sessions at home. This format not only frees up afternoons for extra curriculum activity, but also includes the parent in the child’s progress and development so they can see first hand the effectiveness of the program.

Most parents have difficulty with incorporating an intensive program after school due to their many family and work commitments therefore, our program is developed to minimize the strain in the family environment by providing instruction in school hours.

A placement test is required prior to commencement of program to ensure the student commences at the right level. You will need to book an appointment for the placement test.

As the program is delivered in partnership with parents, a refundable fee is charged for the extra resources loaned during the program. This fee is fully refunded when the resources are returned in reusable condition at the end of the enrollment period.